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Sr22 insurance

Howie Schultz : Yes, I have been involved in a DUI conviction and was caught for the same. This is my first DUI- how long do you have to keep sr22 car insurance? Obviously I am looking for cheap sr22 insurance? I live in Iowa.

DUI SR22 car insurance- Cheap SR22 insurance

Response : Howie I can understand the delimia that you are facing since once you fall into the dui or drunk driving. Yes there is the hassel of getting out of all the legal complications and secondly ensuring that you get cheap sr22 insurance. However, let me assure you that you can get cheap sr22 insurance once you start comparing the cheap sr22 insurance quotes online. Yes, here you get the options of getting the cheap sr22 insurance from the best companies. Speciality insurance companies like :

Allstate Insurance: A+
Safeco: A
Nationwide Insurance: A+
Progressive Insurance: A+
AIG Casualty: A+
Chubb Insurance: A++
Metropolitan Insurance: A
Teachers Insurance: A-
Liberty Mutual Insurance: A
Balboa Insurance: A
Unitrin Insurance: A
Esurance: A-
Hartford Insurance: A+
are a few of the many.

SR22 insurance Iowa:

For Iowa SR22 insurance is required for a period of 3-years following a drunk driving conviction. Yes let me worn you that SR22 insurance can be very expensive if you go with the wrong insurer. This is the reason why we would like to compare cheap sr22 insurance here. Yes, here we bring before you 5-6 comparitive cheap sr22 insurance quotes so that you can choice for your self. Yes, they all are SR22 insurance providers for the state of Iwoa. You will have to maintain the SR22 insurance for a period of 3 years and if you do not maintain them your liecnse would be suspended.

Secondly in Iowa the penalty for DUI is $1000, your license can be suspended for 180 days and you can be jailed for 48 hours. You would definetly require Ignition lock. More on the ignition lock in my next post. This is one sure way of abstaining from drunk driving or dui and maintaining your cheap sr22 insurance quote.


dui insurance
dui insurance

Leslie Rhode : How do I get cheap sr22 insurance for distracted driving- my driving license is suspended? Why is distracted driving considered high auto insurance risk and why are drivers penalised for distracted driving, this should be only for DUI insurance?

Cheap SR22 insurance is for high risk auto insurance or high risk driver

Response : First let me tell you that high risk auto insurance is required for any high risk driver. You would be suprised that most of us are high risk drivers at some point of time and it is good luck that we are not involved in accidents and did not fall prey of the traffic authorities having our driving license suspended or being asked for SR 22 insurance. Let me tell the reality of distracted driving.

A study sponsored by Nationwide Insurance, which surveyed 1,200 drivers between the ages of 18 and 60, found that 81 percent of drivers “multitasked” (engaged in distracting behaviors while driving) at least sometimes. One in eight said he or she changed radio stations or CDs. The same proportion acknowledged drinking a beverage. Almost three-quarters talked on a cellphone, and 68 percent ate a snack. Twenty-three percent acknowledged they experienced road rage and 4 percent said they have driven while intoxicated.

The January 2007 study also found that the youngest drivers, age 18 to 27, were the most likely to always multitask while driving—35 percent. Thirty percent of drivers age 28 to 44 always multitasked and 21 percent of the 45-to 60-year-olds always multitasked.

This study and statastics given by NHSTA show that distracted driving is a big issue. Now when distracted driving causes a fatal accident or an accident where there is catastrophic injury it is most likely that your driving license is suspended and you are asked to get SR22 insurance quote.

Getting cheap sr22 insurance is easier than you would think, especially online since the marketing competition is on one platform for you and you can easily compare sr22 insurance quotes and get the cheap sr22 insurance quotes. For more information on cheap sr22 insurance you can read the other related cheap sr22 insurance post.


dui insurance