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Eric Rockfeller : What happens if you get into drunk drive car accident? I have got tickets for driving while impaired by alcohol, driving under the infulence of alcohol, driving under infulence of alcohol per se, failure to control speed to avoid collosion. I have not be told anything but now do I need cheap sr22 insurance and dui insurance?

I made a big mistake and drove home drunk last night. I was driving my car and I had one passenger in the car with me. I don’t know how it happened but my car drove over a big curve and it was not drivable. Someone came and called the cops and ambulance came. Me and friend both were carried out by ambulance and went to the hospital. I signed a paper to do blood test for alcohol level. My friend was hurt and had to get some stitch on his head. I stayed over night at the hospital and me and my friend were released.
I have USAA auto insurance but I couldn’t find their policy on their website, will my policy be cancelled?

Drunk driving, DUI insurance, cheap sr22 insurance certainly needed

Response : I am sorry that you and your friend got invovled in an accident. Drunk driving and driving under influence or intoxicated driving is dangerous since leads to accidents and besides this it is good that in your case you or your friend has not been hurt very badly.

You would certainly need a lawyer to deal with the drunk driving charges since it seems that it has been established that you were drunk driving with alcohol per se. Its best if the lawyer deals with this.

On the auto insurance since the tickets have been given than it would mean that your auto insurance premium would certainly be affected adversely since you have a lot of demerit points. I am suprised that your driving license has not been cancelled. You will have to inform the insurance company of the auto accident and the insurance company might cancel your insurance if they are not accepting drunk driving risk, which is considered high risk.

Even if your present insurance is not cancelled than in the next year you will defintely need a dui insurance or sr22 insurance.

Cheap sr22 insurance
Cheap sr22 insurance can be got by comparing auto insurance quotes. Dui sr22 car insurance quote has quotes from the high risk auto insurance companies who are speciality insurers and so you would get good cheap sr22 insurance quotes here. Compare them and than decide which one works for you.

Seconcdly, to get cheap sr22 insurance quotes and to maintain them you will have to try and get as much discounts that you can possibly get like going for higher deductibles, getting safety devices installed, taking defensive driving lessons and getting safety ignition steering wheel locked installed so that there is no repeated incident of drunk driving.

Get a lawyer and get cheap sr22 insurance or dui insurance quote here.


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dui insurance

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