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Are geico and progressive good insurance companies for dui insurance or sr22 insurance ?

Response : First of all let me make this clear that this is just my view point and it is given without any prejudice. It does not mean that this is the only right thinking. This is given without prejudice.

GEICO and Progressive are both excellently rated auto insurance companies. What is more important is that both GEICO and Progressive are speciality insurance companies who have special underwritting capacity of underwriting high risk drivers, drivers who are involved in reckless driving, who have high claim ratios, who are involved in drunk driving. They do provide good rates and affordable dui insurance and also cheap sr22 insurance.

What is more important to understand that each risk is different and the underwritting regulations and rules would differ on acceptance and rating of dui insurance or sr22 insurance depending upon the geographical area or state and the regulations of the state. For example the liability of a claim in New York area or washington would be higher when compared to the liability in Dakota and hence the auto insurance rates in New York are higher.

Secondly, sometimes it is dependent on individual expereinces also. Each one has a different personality, expereince and cicumstances.

Hence its best to compare your dui insurance of sr22 insurance quotes- try them here, if you choose to since we have tied up with affilates who provide the best dui insurance rates and customer service also.

Our aim is first to try and help you with your dui insurance, high risk driving or sr22 insurance related questions and also provide free affordable dui insurance and cheap sr22 insurance quotes.

Hope you enjoy our post and quotes.

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